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Project Description
WinClickPro is a power user tool with a super slick UI experience. Note, these quick example images don't do the project any justice. You can turn artwork into your UI or the other way around if you want.


The UI is 100% customizable so no two interfaces will look alike and it's actually fun to create your own UI which makes WinClickPro really standout. Transparency works so irregular shapes are possible as seen below. Important to note, the WinClickPro UI opens right over whatever you're working on via keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+D or L for you left handers) which is huge for us keyboard shortcut junkies that don't want UI slowing us down.


Outside of being neat to play around with, it's actually really useful if you repeat tasks day in and out. It can help speed up copy/paste, accessing network resources, using templates for support calls, filing tickets, filing bugs, and etc.

What makes WinClickPro special at least in my mind is that you can easily string together a series of actions using a simple to use interface and activating the "macro" makes use of a really slick UI that is always right under your mouse.

This screenshot shows the action builder which is where you assign actions to your tiles (buttons). You can string any number of AutoIt scripts together and pass in as many arguments as you need. This example shows that when you click a tile, it would execute each of those scripts in that order. The 5000 is the default timeout which is useful if you start adding your own custom scripts.


Under the hood of WinClickPro are AutoIt scripts. WinClickPro essentially provides an interface for calling AutoIt scripts that you can edit or add your own. I chose this approach (vs using baked in C# to perform the same actions) because it makes WinClickPro more open and accessible. This was especially true when it was a closed source project.

WinClickPro comes with a number of pre-written AutoIt scripts such as;

Clicking the More Info button with any one of the provided scripts selected will show you all the required and optional arguments with examples.


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