How it works
WinClickPro is a power user tool for knowledge workers with a slick interface making it really easy to use. It comes with a number of prebuilt functions for you to play with so it doesn't require any script writing to get started.

As an example, through the Action Builder interface, you can easily string together a series of scripts such as "Copy File Contents To Clipboard" (you specify the path), Launch (an app such as word.exe), and then "Paste Clipboard to Active Window". A simple example but you can see that WinClickPro can provide you with a fast and efficient way to quickly automate everyday tasks with little effort.

Highly recommended for people in the following roles:
Testers - Quickly paste in Test/Bug Templates or common repro steps
DevOps - Quickly copy and move network resources around such as builds and deployment files
Tools Team Members - Quick access to network resources and copying builds around

any anyone else who:
- needs to copy/paste/move the same content over and over (templates, signatures, files, folders, etc)
- needs to launch the same content over and over
- needs to normalize clipboard content. As an engineer/manager, I use this "feature" every few minutes of every single day and for that alone makes this tool worth it.

Under the hood
At the core, WinClickPro provides an interface for launching AutoIt Scripts. When a user launches the Action Builder dialog, WinClickPro looks in the AutoIt\Script directory and loads any scripts it finds which makes adding and testing new scripts a snap because you don't have to recompile or relaunch WinClickPro. Each script that comes with WinClickPro provides some basic help and parameter information that can be viewed by clicking the 'More Info' button when your in the 'Action Builder' dialog.

One of the other neat features that makes WinClickPro pretty neat is the UI for launching scripts. With a simple keyboard shortcut, you can bring up the interface right over whatever your doing.

The interface is actually completely customizable in every way. Imagine if you had the power to completely customize the Program Files menu by changing image backgrounds, changing hover effects, moving menu items anywhere on the desktop, and more. It's just cool. You can get really creative with the interface and I'm ashamed of myself for not releasing this 8 or so years ago when I made it. Anyway, better later than never and I hope it finds some welcome homes before being obsoleted.

Known Compatibility Issues
- Aero Theme can cause some havoc due to the transparency effects so it may need to be turned off but depends on windows version
- Not tested on Win8 and likely to be some problems there.
- Doesn't work well over remote desktop.

AutoIt Info
If you want to get into editing and/or writing your own AutoIt scripts, you may want to download the latest version of AutoIt and replace the copy that comes with this project. In fact, if you want to be safe, I recommend downloading AutoIt.exe and replacing the pre-compiled version included in the project. The AutoIt Scripts can be found in the /Program Files/PopLava/WinClickPro/AutoIt directory

At the time of this writing, I provided the following AutoIt Version. The AutoIt EULA information is contained in the AutoIt.chm file.
Latest version: v3.3.12.0
Updated: 1st June, 2014

Code Info
The code is sub-par at best. I wrote it years ago when I was somewhat new to C# but I've been using the tool at work for years without fail. I'll refactor as feature requests come in. The solution comes with a setup.exe to help get WinClickPro installed under \program files\.

*Install Info"
- Auto starts after install. An icon can be found in the system try which you can later hide if you want.
- Also adds an entry to the Program Files/Start Up

Usage Info
- Use CtrlAltD or CtrlAltL (left handers) to toggle WinClickPro.
- You can also click on the systray icon to toggle and/or exit WinCLickPro
- Right Click on any WinClickPro tile to access all possible features.

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